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Expenselog for S60 E5/^3

Expenselog for S60 E3

Expenselog for S60 E2

Touch Crypto for S60 E5/^3

Touch Crypto for S60 E3

Touch Hider for S60 E5/^3

Touch Hider for S60 E3

Password Book for S60 E5/^3

Password Book for S60 E3

Password Book for iPhone

T-Fileman for Symbian ^3




Password Book - A smart and handy tool to manage your account password safely.128 bit AES algorithm to encrypt your password data. Password Book for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad New Release!

Have you ever been worried about forgetting an important password? Have you always been clicking on “forgot password” and go through the painful process of resetting the username/password? It is not imaginable to keep all of them in brain! It is either not safe to write down them on the memo or Word or Excel file. How to keep millions of passwords and other confidential data safely and to find them out easily and quickly? Password Book is the solution!

Password Book is the simplest application to keep and manage all your password information in a centralized way. It stores and locks all your account password data - bank account, credit card account, ID card, mailbox account, website login account, registration code - always with you anywhere, anytime on the fly.

Password Book is safe enough and more reliable. It uses 128 bit AES algorithm to encrypt your accounts information, no one can access your data without your application password. Keep one password in your mind and you will remember all.

One minute to start to use – safe, fast and simple! Just get it and enjoy it.

  • Password protected access - keep your data safe even if your device is misplaced or stolen

  • 128 bit AES encryption algorithm keeps all your password safe

  • Time-out locks to keep your info safe - lock screen

  • Auto lock when the app runs in background

  • Well-designed UI, quick to start using

  • Copy and Paste: easily copy passwords into other applications or credit card numbers into web forms

  • 7 preset account categories covers all:

  • 1) Bank Account - general bank account information
    2) Bank Card - credit card information
    3) Personal Info - ID, driver licenses, social security number
    4) Mailbox - mail account information
    5) Network - website login, LAN login
    6) Product/Software - serial numbers, registration code
    7) Others

Password Book for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad supports iOS 4 and higher version, and runs on iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad.

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